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An Ancient History Primer . . .


For any reader interested in an overall understanding of ancient history, Genevieve Foster’s Augustus Caesar’s World presents an engaging, entertaining, and fascinating look at the seminal events and persons of the major empires of antiquity.  Written using her innovative “horizontal history” approach, Foster takes the reader into the personal lives of such notable persons as Herod, Cleopatra, Octavian, Antony, Brutus, and of course, Julius Caesar. Beyond Rome, readers will be introduced to the lives of Siddhartha,  Confucius, Gamaliel, Horace, Cicero, Vergil and more.  The book opens with the intrigue involved in the plot to assassinate Caesar, but extends far beyond that to the seminal figures of Ancient China, Persia, India, Israel and more.  For a more extensive introduction to this wonderful book,  see Kerry Walter’s review at  For those new to a study of ancient history, or those just needing  a refresher course, this is a delightful choice.

Augustus Caesar’s World

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What is the heroic quest?

The Heroic Quest is an important literary device that allows readers to identify the consistent and recurring motifs that form epic literature.  Analyzing literature using the elements of the heroic quest enables readers to see the deeper meanings inherent in classic literature.  Basic elements of the heroic quest are as follows: