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Literature Training Seminar

Announcing my first solo Literature Training Seminar!  While many of you know I’ve taught literature training sessions at conventions, home school meetings, and seminars held by others for the last 25 years, I’ve yet to hold my very own day-long seminar.  This month, July 31st I’ll be starting this new venture as a trial run to see how it goes, if there is interest, and if I can actually speak for nearly 6 hours straight!! (Those who know me will probably wonder what the question is . . .)!  So if you are interested here is the basic info:

Saturday, July 31st

9 am to 3 pm (an hour break for lunch)

Location: San Luis Obispo Classical Academy

165 Grand Avenue

San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

This literature training session will focus on the best children’s literature covering the historic period from the fall of Rome to the Early Renaissance.  Topics to be covered will include: what makes a good book, tools of literary analysis, knowing the best children’s authors, benefits of reading aloud and much more.  An hour of practicum will allow participants to get involved using the tools presented with some classic children’s picture books.  All in all, I expect it to be inspiring, challenging and lots of fun too!  Hope you can join me.  For more information call 800.889.1978 or you can register here.  Happy Reading!

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