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Anne Carroll Moore and the D’Aulaires

For those of you who love the D’Aulaire biographies I think you’ll be interested to read the following article which concerns the New York Public Librarian who first established the children’s library in America–Anne Carroll Moore. While she was the inspiration for Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire to first write and illustrate children’s books, her relationship with another beloved author–E.B. White was less than amiable. After having urged him for years to write a children’s book, she became his most stalwart critic and literally banned Stuart Little from the NY Public Library. Interesting and distressing, but true. E.B. White’s ability to stand in the face of her unremitting resistance to his work is a lesson for all of us in staying true to your mission and vision. If he hadn’t, one of the world’s most priceless and beloved children’s tales–Charlotte’s Web, would never have been written. Here is the link:
The Lion and the Mouse

4 thoughts on “Anne Carroll Moore and the D’Aulaires

  1. I love the Stuart Little movies. But I was totally clueless that they were based on actual children’s book! I’m happy to know that now.

    1. The other titles E.B. White is best known for are Trumpet of the Swans and Elements of Style–a must for anyone serious about writing in American English!

  2. Rea, we are so glad to have you at the BF Yahoo group. I didn’t even know you had a blog. We live abroad, and getting books is always a challenge. We bought Kindles to help with access, and so far it’s working like a charm. Reading your reviews will be most helpful. Subbing to your blog…

    1. Jimmie–what a treat to meet you and see the amazing work you’ve done on your blog. I will investigate (via my daughter Rebecca who helps me with the techno stuff, but is also living abroad) how we can link our blogs as I’m sure many of the BFB folks would love what you’ve done and benefit from all your info regarding notebooks and Charlotte Mason! Wonderful stuff. Thanks for commenting and let’s keep in touch! Cheers!

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