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Literature Seminar deadline tonight!

Dear Readers,

Because the start of the school year is so hectic, I know that some of you perhaps intended to register for the seminar this Saturday, but never got around to it!  Since I had limited response and the group was small,  I decided to move the seminar to my home, for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.  So I’m requesting that if you are planning on coming you would register no later than 5 pm tonight (September 15th) so that I can properly prepare for those that intend to be here.  I won’t be able to take any reservations after that. So don’t delay: you can register here.  So looking forward to spending time with old friends and making some new ones–all over great books!

4 thoughts on “Literature Seminar deadline tonight!

  1. I would like to attend Your Lit. seminar in Oct.
    hope to meet you then. thanks, Rhonda

    1. Love your email address! If you subscribe to the blog, I’ll add your name into the drawing for a free pass to the seminar.
      Right now I’ll be giving away 2 free passes and the more folks subscribe to the blog, the more I’ll give away! Cheers!

    2. Hi Rhonda,
      The information is now posted on my blog under Literature Seminar/Orange County. Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi, Rea,

    I so enjoyed your wonderful seminar! (And, your lovely house–but don’t get me started on your house. 🙂 I really appreciated the reminders of what makes literature great and found myself very inspired to feed my family a steady diet of good lit. Which is a good thing because once I’ve talked with you about books, I simply must go out and buy books so at least we’ll be “eating” something. I also appreciated the hands on experience of literature comparisons. It’s so wonderful to be pointed to great children’s books and to know there are so many out there! A quick opinion question for you–do you ever read mind-candy type books, just for pure entertainment? Thanks again for opening your home and sharing your wisdom and experience with us.
    PS–I really love your little tidbits of author facts. Very intriguing!

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