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Children’s Literature Seminar/Orange County

Dear Friends,
Now that the trial run of my first Children’s Literature Seminar is behind me, I’m posting information on the upcoming event in Orange County scheduled for Saturday, October 16th.  Below are all the specifics regarding registration, location, cost, and topics to be covered.  Please leave a comment if you have further questions.
Equipping Parents and Teachers with a Love of Literature

When: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Where: Lighthouse Coastal Community Church
301 Magnolia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA
Time: 9am-3pm ( pre-registration due by Oct 7 ) There will be an hour long working lunch break where we will do literary analysis together.
Cost: $30 pre-registration.
At the door: $35

Objective: Provide Parent/Teacher training for the use of classical and historical literature in education, for family read-aloud time, and for pure enjoyment!

Components: Sessions will focus on the following areas:

Elements of literature–what makes a good book,  tools of literary analysis, and the importance of teaching history through literature

Literary choices appropriate for specific historic periods and specific grade levels: how individual works contribute to historical study and cultural understanding

Practicum–a hands-on opportunity to integrate the above skills with actual works (during a working lunch time)

An overview of the Charlotte Mason approach to note booking, nature studies and keeping joy in home education

An inspirational overview of children’s books that have inspired great men and women to do great things

To register go here.  Hope to see you there!

9 thoughts on “Children’s Literature Seminar/Orange County

  1. Dear Rea, Thank you so much for the delightful, inspiring seminar! I even had a chance to awe some friends because Plato’s Cave came up at a barbeque the next day! Let your daughter know I was thinking of her also on Sunday because we found an old copy of M. Henry’s Five O’Clock Charlie that I read to the boys. The Literary Analysis was so helpful, might see if I can pop down to Orange County to continue learning!
    Best wishes,
    Anne Beckner

    1. How fun about Plato’s Cave! Would love to see you in Orange County again!

  2. Wow–what an amazing way to spend 6 hours! The list and overview of literature was in and of itself worth attending. However, there was so much more. Your enthusiasm, humility, and encouragement really inspired me to continue my homeschool educating journey with a renewed sense of determination, confidence, and most importantly JOY! I thank you and my family thanks you, too.

  3. Rea,
    Thank you for the literature seminar on Saturday. What a meaningful and completely delightful way to spend the day. It was a joy to be in your home talking about and looking through beautiful children’s books all the while enjoying the journey of discovery alongside the other parents in the room. People really do learn through story and your stories about the books and authors you highlighted captivated all of us. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for great literature!

  4. Hi Rea,
    Your workshop on Saturday was so amazing and the venue perfect (much better than some stuffy classroom). Your ability to facilitate a group of people, your enthusiasm and knowledge of literature, as well as your experience educating children made such a rich and inspiring day. I left feeling transformed from ordinary mom into a homeschooling powerhouse, ready to take on the world changing work of educating my child through the best literature. The English major in me finally feels validated, and so does my vision from years ago to nurture the love of reading in my son. I like the way you even wove some research about literacy and the historical perspective of literature in education into your lecture. The seminar was so much deeper than just books to read to your children. Thank you. I look forward to more seminars with you. Sheila

  5. Hi, Rea,

    I so enjoyed your wonderful seminar! (And, your lovely house–but don’t get me started on your house. I really appreciated the reminders of what makes literature great and found myself very inspired to feed my family a steady diet of good lit. Which is a good thing because once I’ve talked with you about books, I simply must go out and buy books so at least we’ll be “eating” something. I also appreciated the hands on experience of literature comparisons. It’s so wonderful to be pointed to great children’s books and to know there are so many out there! A quick opinion question for you–do you ever read mind-candy type books, just for pure entertainment? Thanks again for opening your home and sharing your wisdom and experience with us.
    PS–I really love your little tidbits of author facts. Very intriguing!

  6. Rea, thank you again for a wonderful day learning about literature and enjoying the company of like-minded literature lovers! (Alliteration seems to come more naturally after reading Beowulf… 🙂

    Your seminar was especially helpful for me in reminding me that when all else fails on a homeschool day, get out a good book! And also to use literature to build character, to take hold of those teachable moments with my kids while reading a great book, rather than just “getting through it” to say we’ve read it. 🙂 You also gave me a sweet and hopeful vision for the future and what we are trying to give to our children. It is so inspiring to talk to someone who has raised kids who have a love for literature, and to know that what we are doing will have fruitful results! By sharing your passion and knowledge you are, in a way, a mentor to me and many others.

    One last comment is that you have inspired me to get out those watercolors and sketch pads and use them alongside my kids… a scary thought for me since I am NOT an artist! 🙂

    Thanks for the richly rewarding day and I hope there will be more to come,

  7. What a wonderful experience to meet you in person and learn from your literary wisdom! I am inspired since we are studying Ancients and Medieval/Middle Ages at the moment with our girls. Your recommendations on literature from the period was spot-on and I look forward to purchasing from Beautiful Feet. I really appreciated the calibre of the seminar and the interesting variety of women in attendance! Thanks again especially for the lovely hospitality.

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