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Final Day for Drawing to OC Seminar

Dear Readers,
Today is the final day to enter your name into a drawing for a free pass to the Orange County Seminar coming up on October 16th!  If you’ve subscribed to this blog but don’t know if your name has been entered for the drawing be sure to post a comment here and I will check and make sure your name (email address) is included.  The deadline to enter your name is tonight by midnight.  I will post the winners tomorrow morning.  So far I will be giving away 2 free passes, but if I get 10 more subscriptions to the blog today, I will add in another free pass.  Also, if you’ve recommended a friend subscribe, and they have, your name will be entered into the drawing again.  Just check with me to make sure I’ve got your name (and your friend’s) in the hat! So here’s the information on the seminar again.  If you have already registered for the seminar, your can use your winning ($30 value) toward books at Beautiful Feet! Hope to see you there!  Also, if your DH (darling husband) would like to attend, they can do so free with your registration!

Equipping Parents and Teachers with a Love of Literature

When: Saturday, October 16, 2010
Where: Lighthouse Coastal Community Church

301 Magnolia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA
Time: 9am-3pm ( pre-registration due by Oct 7 ) There will be an hour long working lunch break where we will do literary analysis together.
Cost: $30 pre-registration.
At the door: $35
Objective: Provide Parent/Teacher training for the use of classical and historical literature in education, for family read-aloud time, and for pure enjoyment!

Components: Sessions will focus on the following areas:

Elements of literature–what makes a good book,  tools of literary analysis, and the importance of teaching history through literature

Literary choices appropriate for specific historic periods and specific grade levels: how individual works contribute to historical study and cultural understanding

Practicum–a hands-on opportunity to integrate the above skills with actual works (during a working lunch time)

An overview of the Charlotte Mason approach to note booking, nature studies and keeping joy in home education

An inspirational overview of children’s books that have inspired great men and women to do great things

To register go here.  Hope to see you there!  For reviews of my recent seminar in San Luis Obispo, visit here.

12 thoughts on “Final Day for Drawing to OC Seminar

  1. Hi Rhea,
    I already registered for this upcoming seminar and I am really excited!!! Faye is a good friend and she talked to me about it!! I am truly looking forward to meet you and if you need any help I would love to offer my help! Let me know, thanks.
    Eve Ratthe

    1. I’ll enter your name anyway and if you win you can use the win toward books at BFB! Good luck and I look forward to seeing you October 16th!

  2. Would like to come to OC Seminar! Thanks!

    1. I’m entering your name in the contest. Good luck!

  3. I don’t know if my name is entered but I’m coming to the seminar! Thank you!

  4. Maybe I’ll be lucky & win a ticket????
    Either way, I hope to see you (& the girls?) when you come down!

  5. I would love to be entered into the ticket contest 🙂 Looking forward to the seminar.

    1. You’re in! Watch for the announcement tomorrow!

  6. My friend Kirsten Foos told me about your blog and I would LOVE to be able to go to this. I love childrens books and and working hard to make my girls LOVE reading. I never like to read had a hard time in school. My girls both love to read.

    1. I’ve entered you into the contest and will announce winners tomorrow! Good luck! Kirsten’s name will go in the hat twice!

  7. Hi, Rea,

    I was wondering if we need to bring lunch for the “working lunch” or if lunch will be provided.


    1. Hi Courtney,
      A sack lunch might be a good idea. I was thinking about making sandwiches available for purchase there also, so that folks won’t have to run out to try to get something unless they’d like to. I also got your message about the pack and play. Not sure what the facility is like, as I’ve never been, but the room is supposed to hold 100 so there should be room for you.

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