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Medieval History Through Literature

The Book of Kells is one of the most famous ar...
Book of Kells

Dear Readers,
As many of you know, I also write for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (TOS) on topics related to history, literature and the Charlotte Mason Approach.  For the first time, TOS is offering a free digital link to their magazine, so that you can read the entire issue online!  So I am posting this by way of providing the link to you to read my latest article on “Teaching Medieval History Through Literature.”  This is great timing for those of you planning to teach this historical period in the fall!   Here is the link.

I have two additional postings on Medieval History that might be of interest.  For those interested in Shakespeare’s Hamlet I’ve provided some background notes which you may find helpful here.   Also, some insight into King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table here.  Study of the Medieval period should offer each and every student and teacher/parent a delightful journey into the past full of character lessons, adventure, pathos and insight into our cultural heritage.

4 thoughts on “Medieval History Through Literature

  1. Rea,
    Will you be speaking in Southern California this Fall? I went last year and was looking forward to another day learning from you. Just curious.
    Dawn Chimenti

  2. Hello Dawn! Thank you for your inquiry. I am currently planning on coming to Southern California for a Saturday seminar in November. Please stay tuned as details will be announced soon. Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Cheers, Rea

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