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Literature Seminar postponed!

After consulting with a number of you that I was able to reach, I decided it would be best to postpone the Literature Seminar scheduled for this Saturday until September.  Many folks that wanted to attend were on vacation and many others were not inspired to think about school yet!  So, I have tentative dates for September 11th and the 18th, and will get back with you as soon as I have the date firmed up!  All other details are currently the same–same place, (SLO Classical Academy in San Luis Obispo) same time (9am-3pm), just a new forthcoming date.  Thank you for your interest and response!  Also, for those in the Southern California area, I do have an upcoming seminar happening in the Orange County area sometime in October.  When we have the date and location firmed up we will post details here!  Let us know if you’re interested. Happy summer reading!

9 thoughts on “Literature Seminar postponed!

  1. Looking forward to your OC visit!

  2. Hi Rea,

    Definitely interested in the Orange County seminar!

  3. Have you thought of doing an internet broadcast to reach home educating mothers across the world?

    1. This is a great thought and I appreciate your recommendation! Not being techno savvy, I will have to investigate what it would entail, but I will do so! Thanks for your interest! Cheers!

  4. I heard you at the recent CHEA conference in Pasadena. I have a 3 year old and plan to homeschool. Would this seminar be good to attend already or should I wait a few years? If it would be good to attend, I would be very interested in your OC seminar and would like to invite other friends. Also wonder if you’d be available to visit our MOPS group when you come for your Oct seminar – I’d like to pass on your info to our scheduler.

    BTW – I went to the library happily armed with the list of authors you gave in Pasadena. Such a good feeling to be hunting for books I know are good. I’d had a particularly pathetic catch of dinosaur books right before your seminar.

    Another BTW – SO appreciated your 6 reasons “why lit matters”. I’ve never been able to defend my intuition about the virtue of novels as succinctly as you did.

    And my last BTW – A couple favorites I’ve stumbled upon since becoming a mommy but haven’t heard much about. Just passing them on in case I could also give you some joy of discovery: One More Sheep by Mij Kelly, Patricia Pingry board books about historical figures, “The Story of . . . ” (My friend overheard me reading about Abe Lincoln to my (then) 2 year old and commented, “I guess you’re never too young to learn about the civil war.”)

  5. PS – okay if I put your 6 reasons and your list of books from your “Classic Lit for Little Folks” seminar on my blog? I wanted to share your these with a couple of friends.

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your kind words, and I loved your friend’s comment! Yes, please do post the 6 reasons–could you send me the link? Also, I think you’d find the seminar helpful because a lot of what I’ll be presenting will be in regards to literature in general and will help with
      literary analysis and appreciation across the spectrum. Regarding the MOPS group could you call the office with information? That number is
      805.542.9847. They can get all the contact info so I can get in touch with you. Sounds fun! Thanks so much!

  6. I am interested in the seminar you will be having in Orange County.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      We are looking into a venue and currently plan to hold this seminar in mid-October. Please
      subscribe to the blog and you’ll get the updates as things firm up. Thanks for your interest!
      Cheers, Rea

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